Observing, listening, sketching & imagining new experiences for people.

About Me

I’m a digital product designer and strategist specializing in UX, UI, IA, & Visual Design. I help companies launch their initial product and optimize products already in market. I do this using a combination of Human-Centered Design, and Design Thinking processes to make sure that my decisions are supported by user research and real user needs. I’ve been at it for over ten years and have deep experience taking projects from inception to launch—whether that’s mobile apps or high traffic platforms. Have a challenge to discuss? You can contact me here!

Notable Client Projects:

Selected Work

1 Mobile App Redesign
Responsibilities: UX, UI, IA, & Visual Design

A small startup had recently decided to pivot. They needed someone to quickly convert their simple consumer app into a loyalty platform for their B2B clients. The product would need to be capable of authentic re-branding using client identity guidelines—and with deep support for content customization.

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larky app screen images

2 Web Platform Design
Responsibilities: UX, UI, IA, & Visual Design

The CEO of the country’s foremost data and technology provider of “in-market” car shopper intelligence wanted to disrupt automotive sales. He envisioned a video driven lead-generation platform that would provide all of the tools and information a person would need to research, select, and commit to a vehicle. He described it as the “QVC of car shopping”.

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detroit trading company web app

3 Product Strategy
Responsibilities: UX, UI, IA, & Visual Design

Find out how a proposed feature changed an app from providing static loyalty rewards content—into a dynamic platform for businesses to engage with their audiences. B2B clients could now offer promotions to their customers in real-time; relevant to their current locations. The app would attract the attention of Visa™, who approached the small startup to explore integrating its technology.

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Nice Things
People have said about me

He’s a unicorn.

Anne Drummond—Creative Director at MLive Media

[It’s as if] LinkedIn is stealing your ideas.

Gregg Hammerman—Founder and CEO at Larky

I think there is a lot of potential upside here in terms of John’s ability to see Detroit Trading as a platform for his entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and business sense. I believe that John could be a big contributor of ideas and innovations to drive growth for the company…

Randy CunninghamCOO at Detroit Trading Co.

[This is] a paradigm shift.

David GroomCTO at Larky

Why didn’t our agency think of that?

Leo ArdineCEO at United Teletech Financial

[John] implemented the project in such a way that it was easy for other team members to understand and leverage the work that he had done. He is always looking for ways to make things better and is very receptive to team member ideas as well.

Randy CunninghamCOO at Detroit Trading Co.

Fastest [client] approval ever.

James BurdineVP of Client Success at Larky

Thank you.

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